Thursday, September 13, 2007

Moving to another Blog -!!!

Just a reminder that I'm now only posting new posts on my blog: Clear Blue Dei. Please come visit me there!

~Susan Mellott

Monday, September 3, 2007

Moving to new blog at

Hi! During the course of testing many different blog engines, I ended up with 3 different ones that all had the same posts. Now I am trying to consolidate so I am moving to new blog at I just finished a 3-part series on which blog engine I liked the best. You can see the third and final post at my Clear Bluedei blog.

The results were that I liked Google Blogger best for ease of use, functionality and for when you don't have your own web host that you can install your blog on. And if you have your own web host and are technically inclined and enjoy playing around with ftp and html and unix and all, I like using your own self-hosted blog for the greatest functionality and control.

And I have set up my own blog on my domain so I plan to consolidate my blogs into one at some point and it will be that one. I also have one at that I actually would rather have closed down so that I would have had only my own wordpress blog and a google blogger blog, but I have the most people by far who read my blog so I am keeping it running in tandem with my own for the moment.

But this blog's hits have slowly dwindled to the point that I feel comfortable putting it on hold and redirecting everyone to one of my other blogs. I wish I could make my primary but everyone keeps going to and reading and quoting my so I'll keep it going also.

So please go to my blog for my new posts. I will keep this blog with all the posts thus far, but from now on will be posting only on my other 2 blogs (and hopefully just 1 at some point).

Thank you for visiting and please come check out my All Things Web 2.0 blog at

~Susan Mellott